Geopathic Survey - An Overview

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Geopathic Survey
Geopathic survey involves the location and avoidance of harmful, natural or man-made radiations.  These radiations and field anomalies may result in restless irritation, undiagnosed localized pain, elevated blood pressure or cancerous tumors in extreme cases.  Natural geopathic zones are usually related to underground faults or crossing water flows where electro-magnetic field intensity increases.  Present correlation studies strongly indicate that geopathic energy disrupts normal rest and healing and over time interferes with the normal pattern of cell growth. 

The roots of geopathic clearing began in the Chinese cultural tradition of geomancy or Feng Shui.  The underground "dragon currents" or flows of earth energy were one of the essential elements in an overall geomantic plan when siting a new home.  Europeans also were aware of the earth energies from the time of the megalithic sites, using the beneficial zones for healing and ceremonial connection with the natural world.  Indigenous cultures of the western hemisphere were also aware of, and made use of these earth energies in their ceremony and architecture. 
Present residential planning may include esthetics and energy efficiency, but generally favors economics over personal well being.  Geoharmony is the integration of all energy elements in the residential setting.

Centuries of disregarding these geopathic zones of stress have led to innumerable cases of personal suffering.  Undiagnosable aches and pains have been left unexplained.  The cause of our discomfort may, in fact, be external to us.  It is now possible to detect these geopathic zones and eliminate this variable in the equation of health.  Our understanding of these zones allows us to connect our life with the flow of earth energy, avoiding areas that weaken us and seeking out zones that benefit our health and well being.  Modern instruments and advanced dowsing techniques are used to locate harmful and beneficial zones, then shield or neutralize noxious
energies where possible. 
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