If we are able , through the creative application of our dowsing and imagination, to change the energy patterns of the earth, we take on an awesome responsibility to do no harm and leave the earth better for our intervention.   What is good for us is not necessarily good for all.  What we call geopathic zones are only detrimental to some species of which we are one. 

We are not here to change the Earth to our liking!  What happens when energy is dammed up behind the rebar we drove in around the house?  Where does it go?  Are we sure we haven't upset the balance of the local energy system or externalized the pain onto someone else, out of sight and mind?  We have a responsibility to do what we can to alleviate the needless suffering stemming from ignorance of the earth's energy patterns.  We also need the conservative perspective of using the least amount of intervention to get the job done.  Moving the furniture is always preferable to shielding the zone or disrupting the energy.  If energy lines must be moved,  allow them to flow on unimpeded in another direction.  Too often we are apt to use the greatest power at our command.  it's the classic seductive quality of power.  I would implore you to be conservative in your approach to energy manipulation, using the least disruptive strategy to relieve your clients suffering.  Ask if any harm will come from your intervention.  Ask how long the shielding or treatment will last.  Ask if there are other less disruptive alternatives that have not yet been considered.  Ask if the client can change elements of diet, exercise, and energy balance to be less affected by noxious energy.  Then be grateful for this ability that flows through you.

Steve Bosbach