Dowsing Geopathic and Geovitic Zones

Geopathic Dowsing Outline and Procedure
Stephen Bosbach
first printing 1992 revised 2005

Geopathic bed.jpg This is an overview of my method of dowsing for and treating geopathic zones often responsible for physiological stress. These methods combine the ideas of many dowsers and my trial and error experience of the past 30 years of dowsing for earth energy. This is by no means a complete survey of geopathic clearing, but rather it is to be used as an outline for further development and refinement. The process of geopathic dowsing and clearing involves location of the zones, separating the zones into categories based on methods of treatment and then deciding which method of treatment is most appropriate. This overview follows that sequence and includes a sampling of methods used to clear geopathic zones.

The term geopathic and geovitic zone should first be defined. A geopathic zone is any energy zone detrimental to human health and well being. A geovitic zone is any energy zone beneficial to human health and well being. This is for the average human with a normal physiology and nervous system, as there are always exceptions. Generally I find geopathic energy to be earth caused by crossing or intersecting water veins or rock fractures. Other above ground energies contribute to the detrimental effects of these primary zones. From all the observations I've made and data others have gathered about the effects of geopathic zones, they appear to have a restless, agitating effect on the individual. I feel these are high energy zones, not energy vacuums. All observations suggest the aura disappears in these zones because it is literally blown off by the high energy field. Individuals that remain in the influence of a severe geopathic zone first develop minor ailments that gradually escalate to uncontrolled patterns of cell growth (ie. cancer).

Before entereing the home, check around the perimeter for faults and fractures that may be close together. Be aware of significant energy signatures, such as very close spacing on magnetic vector lines and over riding Hartman lines or sub resonances of these. These are almost a sure sign of significant geopathic influence close by. When first entering a home, I will ask the rods to indicate how many geopathic zones are present. Determine at this time if there are any geovitic zones present. Make note of this and compare it against what you find as you go through the house room by room. I find it less confusing to separate the energies I'm dowsing by first dowsing for underground influences and then dowsing for natural above ground energy and man made energy that is affecting the client. Move from room to room checking for underground geopathic influences in each room separately. Stand to one side of the room and scan with the dowsing instrument to show direction to all underground influences. Follow the dowsing instrument to each location in turn and temporarily mark the location center with masking tape. As each geopathic zone is located, determine it's relative intensity for the client. I use a 1-10 scale where a (1) is very weak and will only be noticed as cumulative effects over several years, and (10) is so strong that the client will not be able to sleep over this zone. Note that the dowsing question should be posed to take account of the different sensitivities of individuals. In bedrooms it is a good idea to check intensity relative to the person that sleeps in that bed, not just the head of the household. There seem to be wide variances in the sensitivities of individuals and this will influence how much intervention is needed in each case.

Stop often and explain to the client what you are finding and it's relative significance to them. Allow for frequent questions by the client, but give yourself the space you need to do accurate dowsing. Ask the client to turn off the T.V., radio and electrical appliances that are not normally on. You want to dowse in a background of energy representative of the client's sleeping environment and be free of unnecessary distraction. I did some work for a woman who claimed to be ultra sensitive to chemicals of many types. She insisted she could tell when she was around an old "spill" because of the way it made her feel. I asked her to stand on a geopathic zone and she told me right away that I'd found another "spill"! This worked in reverse for beneficial zones over a dome, as she immediately exclaimed that "now I can really breath"! My client was able to discriminate these zones better than I. Include the client in the process.

After all underground influences have been checked, tour the home again looking for above ground originating energies. I will always dowse for N-S magnetic lines of force and E-W electric paths of energy. If the client is very sensitive, the Curry and Hartman grids are also dowsed. I have found the Curry and Hartman grids are secondary in importance, and do not seem that detrimental in and of themselves. They do however, add to the detrimental effect of a zone caused by a more primary source. Colored tape or colored markers on masking tape make it easy to differentiate what is what. Man made and natural above ground influences can be very difficult to trace to a source. Are there any close power meters or high voltage power lines near by? Does power come in underground? Where? Try some very broad questions, such as: Does this noxious energy vary over time? Does this energy originate within this home? Can this energy be shielded? Diverted?
Lastly, we need to consider what to do about the geopathic zones located. Discuss with the client the possible effects of prolonged exposure to zones located in beds, work spaces, and favorite relaxation spots. The only three alternatives are to move furniture out of the zone, shield the zone, or neutralize the energy causing the geopathic zone. If the zones are few, a water diversion from outside the home may be appropriate. Where there are large numbers of water veins and fractures under the home, this may be impractical. In this case only the most critical areas, such as bed spaces, will be treated. Shielding of aluminum foil has worked well in single blind experiments (where the affected person is unaware of any change made and their reactions are observed over time).
I use extra heavy duty aluminum foil directly over the geopathic zone covering the entire zone plus some. This has also worked when shielding the E-W electric paths of energy by placing the foil on the east side of the area to be shielded extending out for the width of the path and with enough height to create a "shadow" of the energy that protects the client. (See illustration) In difficult situations where a foil shield is impractical, a coil of dowsed length can be wound on a core of 2" PVC pipe using about #14 insulated copper wire. When placed some distance "upstream" in the east to west electrical flow, the energy can be offset in it's course by varying the angle the coil makes with the direction of flow. I usually tilt my coil about 45 degrees off from E-W to offset the path of energy by about 30 feet. There after it resumes it's east to west orientation. This coil is a temporary fix, and needs to be "cleaned off" about every six months in my case. I found an easy way to do this was to connect a transmitter antenna lead to the coil and transmit with low power for about half a minute. This seemed to blow off the residual field absorbed by the coil. Frequency doesn't seem critical, although I've only used between 20-30 Mhz. CB radios should work fine for this. You might experiment with a car phone. I've also experimented with quartz crystals to divert and neutralize geopathic energy. Place the crystal in the center of the energy flow upstream from the area you want to shield with the termination facing upstream. This will neutralize the energy flow for some distance "downstream" depending on the size of the crystal and intensity of the energy. Crystal purity didn't seem to have much effect. This also is temporary, with the crystal needing to be removed from the zone for a time to rejuvenate.

All remedies used by dowsers to alleviate geopathic stress should be checked over time to determine fall-off in effectiveness. All intervention strategies I've tried have proven to be temporary in the long run. Some methods last several years, but none seem to be permanent. I think there is a perspective among some dowsers that what they do in energy manipulation is forever. If we expand our perspective we will find that all systems of energy are in states of change (however slow that change may seem to us in our lifetime) and that these energies are far more powerful than our usual efforts at manipulating them. It's like damming a river, where for the length of several lifetimes the dam enables us to control the river. But without constant maintenance and renewed construction, the river will eventually win. I replace aluminum foil shielding every 3-4 months. It may last longer or shorter than this depending on what material is used for shielding and how intense the geopathic zone is. Dowse this for yourself and mark the installation date right on the shield. My coil needs renewing on six month intervals. Resonant antennae used to partially neutralize a zone seem to last 2-3 years but are only partially effective in eliminating the noxious effects of the zone. Steel reinforcing bar driven into the center of energy flow over a water vein outside the home to "kill" or divert the energy flow also seems to last a year or so and then gradually loses it's effectiveness.

If we are able, through the creative application of our dowsing and imagination, to change the energy patterns of the earth, we take on an awesome responsibility to do no harm and leave the earth better for our intervention. What is good for us is not necessarily good for all. What we call geopathic zones are only detrimental to some species of which we are one.
We are not here to change the Earth to our liking! What happens when energy is dammed up behind the rebar we drove in around a house? Where does it go? Are we sure we haven't upset the balance of the local energy system or externalized the pain onto someone else, out of sight and mind? We have a responsibility to do what we can to alleviate the needless suffering stemming from ignorance of the earth's energy patterns. We also need the conservative perspective of using the least amount of intervention to get the job done. Moving the furniture is always preferable to shielding the zone or disrupting the energy. If energy lines must be moved, allow them to flow on unimpeded in another direction. Too often we are apt to use the greatest power at our command. It's the classic seductive quality of power. I would implore you to be conservative in your approach to energy manipulation, using the least disruptive strategy to relieve your clients suffering. Ask if any harm will come from your intervention. Ask how long the shielding or treatment will last. Ask if there are other less disruptive alternatives that have not yet been considered. Ask if the client can change elements of diet, exercise, and energy balance to be less affected by noxious energy.

If the client has a physical problem, especially one that has not responded to more normal treatment, they will sometimes assume we will detect and shield an energy which is outside of them and fix their problem without having to do anything to change themselves. How convenient. We as dowsers also fall into this trap by allowing this idea to be maintained. Sometimes dowsing the aura will help the client see there are weaknesses that should be attended to. I've seen two cases of asymmetric auras that indicated more needed to be done with the client than with the environment. We are only there to help the client obtain a comfortable environment. That comfortable environment can only provide the needed background for self healing to take place.

Geovitic energy, or energy beneficial to most individuals is always a pleasure to seek out. Not nearly as numerous, these locations tend to be associated with underground springs, or "domes" of water and to a lesser extent where ever underground water goes through a release in pressure. These are the true geologic healing zones. Locations to center both body and mind. Some lucky people will actually have a dome located in a part of their home or just outside in a part of the yard usable for quiet contemplation and rest. This is rare, but always worth checking for. When dowsing for a home site asking for the best possible location for my client, I will always get led to a location where there is a minimum of geopathic energy and a dome nearby. Geovitic zones are also excellent locations for starting seedlings for transplanting or for planting a tree which will be the center of a grove of beneficial energy. Look for these zones after all the geopathic dowsing is done to refresh yourself and regain some of the energy you've lost. Good dowsing to you!