In an effort to continue my sitting practice after back surgery,  I finally had to admit that sitting cross legged on a gomden was not practical.   I have always found sitting seiza more comfortable,  so I started experimenting with bench designs, slowly evolving a design that was comfortable and maintained my posture. 





We are all individual, and differences in leg length, hip orientation, and bone curvature all affect how comfortably we sit in various positions.  A closed lotus position is just not possible  for everyone, and even a cross legged position my be impractical.    If you have put considerable effort into sitting and still can not maintain a comfortable posture, sitting seiza may be a viable alternative.

The Shamatha bench design has evolved to distribute weight and pressure points equally, providing a strong base for your sitting practice. 



- Recurved bench leg bottoms for stability and adjustable seating angle.  The recurve lets you rock the bench back to change the seating angle all the way to horizontal as needed, yet still remains upright and stable when you take weight off it momentarily.

DSCF0028.JPG- Self closing European cabinet hinges keep legs folded during transport, reducing the need for a separate bag to keep the bench together

-  Upper edges of the bench seat are rounded for comfort 



- High density foam cushioned, upholstered seat in red, black or custom fabric

DSCF0016.JPG- Finger grooves carved into underside for easy carrying 

- Finger slots can be optionally cut clear through on oak for easier carrying of the heavier bench

- Engineered for durability and a stable, comfortable seat for upright posture

- Standard construction from clear pine and finished with a durable, natural oil/ varnish, then hand waxed                             









Bare clear pine unupholstered -                     $80.00

Upholstered (standard fabric on pine) -          $95.00

Custom upholstery on red oak -                    $115.00  





Orders can be filled by phone or email.  I can also ship via UPS or parcel post.  Check or MO due on each order, generally filled within one week.  Please provide your upper leg length (measured from knee cap to top of theigh bone) and weight.  This will allow an estimate of bench leg length. 

25% of all profits are donated to International Campaign for Tibet.







Kneel - preferably on carpet or a pad to protect the knees and ankles

Place the bench beneath you with the short side of the legs forward, and unfold the legs completely

Sit on the bench - checking legs to make sure they are forced outward to lock in place with your weight

It may be more comfortable at first to use a small rolled towel under your ankles or drop your toes off the back of a kneeling pad to relieve the initial strain on the instep.  as you sit more, this won't be necessary. 

                                                                                              P1010028.JPG P1010037.JPG