I have been dowsing water well locations across the west since 1975 and have a 90% success rate.  Dowsing is not a guarantee of water, but will substantially increase the odds of a successful well.  No human is infalible, and I have been dowsing long enough to know where inacuracy creeps in and how to avoid the mistakes of beginners.  My method is to make two site visits, once with the property owner to go over their needs and preferences, walking the land with them if possible and making an initial assessment of water potential by dowsing.  Preferably, a  map will be provided by the client.   There is an extra charge of $100.00 if a map must be produced from scratch by myself for map dowsing the property later.  A map is necessary to my methodology, and is not an optional element.  A map is not as accurate as dowsing in the field, but can provide the overview of larger water flows that might be missed in the field in heavily wooded or steep terrain.  On the second site visit, working alone if possible, I can thoroughly work the problem of the underground structure and attempt to make sense of the flows into and out of the property.   One or more favorable locations will be chosen as a well site.  These sites will be staked, flagged and numbered to coincide with the well locations indicated on the map.  Bearings and yardage to  landmarks in the field and GPS coordinates further help to pin point the well site if the stake is inadvertently moved.  Finally, a written report is provided the client that summarizes the findings by dowsing and provides estimates of depth and rate of flow at each potential well site. 

Fees for service are $550.00 per well site per property dowsed of less than 50 acres.  Multiple well sites in a single trip or acreage of greater than 50 acres will be negotiated.  Mileage is charged at .50 per mile from my home in Ashland, OR.  Payment is due when the final report is delivered. 

Stephen Bosbach,  Dowser