Stephen Bosbach has been dowsing professionally to locate water since 1975.  He has taught classes in the art of dowsing in five states and has published his studies in the journal of the American Society of Dowsers.  He has been researching the effects of geopathic stress zones since 1975, and was the first to present a study of the effects of geopathic zones on trees as a parallel to the long term effects on humans.  Stephen is available for speaking engagements to further explain the effects of geopathic stress zones and how they can be dealt with, as well as the field of dowsing in general.  Contact him at 423-4798 or

Stephen has a masters degree in education and has wide ranging interests including Naturism, Buddhism, Astronomy, Amateur Radio, Alternative Energy design, writing and teaching.  Please see other areas of this web site for information on these topics.